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Green roofing

The environmentally friendly and beneficial roofing solution.

Following a growing trend in the call for an environmentally friendly and beneficial roofing solution, especially in urban areas, EFL ltd now supply and fit Green roofs. As an upgrade to a standard EPDM roof we offer a modular pre planted green roof system, GreenGrid from Sealeco. It consists of plastic trays pre planted and grown off site and then installed on top of our EPDM roof with a geotextile membrane in-between, this method of installation provides a vastly more time efficient and cost effective soloution compared to other green roof methods. A huge benefit to this system is that it can be fitted to any existing EPDM roof and in many cases minor or no change to the underlying roof (subject to the current coverings condition and roof loading).
Please read Information below from Sealeco’s website to learn more about green roofs and the Green Grid system. Please contact us and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have and design and quote a system to fit your requirements.

Benefits of Green Roofs

  • Helping Nature. By adding a green roof to a building, not only does it provide a much more pleasing visual effect, it encourages wildlife such as birds, insects and other creatures into areas which may have been lost due to building construction. The plants also provide filtration of the atmosphere in the most natural and pure way resulting in improved air quality. Careful planting can help buildings blend in with the surrounding environment.
  • Extended Roof Life. By covering the roof surface, the waterproofing is protected from UV radiation and weathering.  This can greatly extend the service life both of existing roofs and new build.
  • Sound Insulation. The growing medium, plants, and layers of trapped air serve as excellent sound insulators.  Tests have shown that green roofs can reduce the indoor noise pollution from outdoor contributors by as much as 10 decibels per every 75mm of soil media.
  • Stormwater Management.Green roofs help alleviate stormwater runoff through retention and detention of rainfall and detention of runoff from roofs. This benefit can cut costs associated with required municipal on-site stormwater retention.
  • Reduced Urban Heat Island Effect.The Urban heat island effect occurs in most of the large cities of the world and has actually been shown to change weather patterns in some. Roads and building rooftops absorb a significant amount of heat during the day, which in turn is radiated back into the atmosphere, causing further warming.  Green roofs help insulate and shade buildings. Plus, the plants on the green roofs transpire, cooling the atmosphere around them.
  • Reduced Energy Costs.When the outside air temperature reaches 35°C, traditional black rooftop surface temperatures can be as high as 80°C.  The heat load of a roof impacts the amount of energy necessary to cool the building to the desired temperature.  Due to their insulating properties, green roofs can significantly reduce the heat load of the roof in warm seasons.

Benefits of the GreenGrid System

As well as providing all the usual benefits a green roof can bring, the GreenGrid Modular system offers additional benefits over other methods of installation.

  • Pre-Planted System. The GreenGrid® modules are planted in advance at the nursery. This means modules arrive at the job site already planted and ready for installation. Pre-planting also allows plants to be pre-grown at the nursery in the modules until they reach the desired maturity. Finally, if there are construction delays, the planted modules will continue to grow until it’s time for the GreenGrid installation. Traditional green roof systems may provide a patchy appearance at the point of installation, or some plant failure may occur. This risk is drastically reduced with GreenGrid, due to the preparation which takes place prior to installation. This ensures a lush, much more established appearance and no further works required on site.
  • Easy Roof Maintenance and Repair. Since the GreenGrid® System is modular, roof surfaces are always accessible for maintenance, additions and changes. Should such an occasion occur, the GreenGrid modules are simply removed, then put back in place when the work is completed, without disturbing the growth medium or the plants.
  • Flexibility In Budget. Although green roofs are much more in demand, sometimes financial constraints could restrict their inclusion on the building. Since GreenGrid is laid on the waterproofed roof, it can be installed at the point of construction, or at any time in the future. The modular design means that your green roof can be purchased in stages and added to as and when the budget allows.